Promoters of state-of-the-art technologies
for the improvement of processes in vital industries.

Established in France in 1997, Techlink Associated International Engineers is a leading solutions provider in Flow Control, Heat Exchange, and Instrumentation for processes handling corrosive, abrasive and toxic chemicals. We are committed to serve industries for which quality and reliability are critical for the safety of people and for the environment. With a presence in France, India, Thailand and China, and representations in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan, Techlink provides expertise and solutions for process industries to:

    • Improve availability and performance
    • Reduce operational costs
    • Enhance safety
    • Save power and recover energy
    • Achieve and/or maintain environmental regulatory compliance
    • Meet your ISO 14000 objectives
    • Simplify management

Techlink helps you find out how your industry can increase productivity and performance, reduce operating costs and secure capital investment. We provide innovations with fast return on investment for less shutdowns and unexpected failures, less maintenance, and for extended equipment lifetime.

As an engineering company, we conceptualize and size process systems, source the best equipment, deliver anywhere around the world, supervise assembly, and support operations for your project.

Our design philosophy

Our turn-key projects and components are designed in Europe and built with the best available local resources. Our design philosophy is to always seek for a “lean design” with the smallest number of components and the smallest number of connections to reduce maintenance, reduce the chances of failures, and reduce leakages. We strive to offer the best quality at the best price.

Our values

RESPECT — Respect for people, partners, customers, employees, environment and equipment.

SOLIDARITY — We believe that success can only result from a collective effort and we always seek mutual support toward success.

SIMPLCITY — We remain simple in the way of behaving, communicating, posing problems and solving them, building tools, methods and structures. This is key to our “lean” design philosophy.

ACCOUNTABILITY — All members of Techlink are accountable for the success of their objectives and for the consequences of their acts.

PERSEVERANCE — Each individual at Techlink is expected to do more than its best. The perseverance of each individual ensures the performance of the team.

Together we will make your project a success​